Teams set for Summer season of Beach Rugby Series

Summer has hit the Western Cape of South Africa which means the boys of summer are returning to the Sand for Summer Season of the Beach Rugby Series in Camps Bay.

The Series is set for it's biggest ever season with 14 teams competing for the title Beach Rugby Kings of Cape Town.

Can the CB Legends defend the title that they won so brilliantly last season? Can the Husk All-Stars go one step further and take the title themselves?

What of the new sides?

ITEC 7STARS have pedigree on the touch fields of Cape Town and rumour has it they have been training on the sand in the lead up to the series. The Amazing Galaxy Warriors include former SA Touch Captain and team mates, corporate sides FWJK and KPMG have a history of success and Tyson Properties, WheyO Warriors and SOB Barbarians will all be out to prove a point.

Returning to the sand will be the Inbetweeners and Caprice Cobras and Staff for their 3rd seasons. All 3 have fallen short in big matches but have show the potential that they have. Inbetweeners will welcome back speedster Raph Jetpha. Captain of Caprice Staff will have the likes of Sarembock to call on and the Cobras who Ty Willis and Jordan Artus starred for will be aiming for the top.

What it all means is that we are about to embark on the highest standard and most wide open season to date with more teams, partners and spectators than ever before but the same chilled Beach vibes that only come with UR7s programs as the life of Blue Skies, High Fives and Good Vibes rolls around Camps Bay and the playas play on the playa.

Pool A

  1. RPF CB Legends
  3. Amazing Galaxy Warriors
  4. Caprice Staff
  5. SOB Barbarians
  6. KPMG
  7. Inbetweeners

Pool B

  1. Husk All-Stars
  2. Mynt Café CB Legends
  3. Caprice Cobras
  4. Whey O Warriors
  5. Tyson Properties
  6. FWJK
  7. Flying Fish

Week One Schedule

  1. RPF CB Legends v ITEC 7STARS
  2. Husk All Stars v Mynt Café CB Legends
  3. AGW v Caprice Staff
  4. Caprice Cobras v WheyO Warriors
  5. SOB Barbarians v KPMG
  6. Tyson Properties v FWJK
  7. Inbetweeners v Flying Fish
  8. RPF CB Legends v AGW
  9. Husk All Stars v Caprice Cobras
  10. ITEC 7STARS v Caprice Staff
  11. Mynt Café CB Legends v WheyO Warriors
  12. SOB Barbarians v Inbetweeners
  13. Tyson Properties v Flying Fish
  14. KPMG v FWJK