Meet new team for the summer - The WheyO Warriors

With a few seasons under their belt in a non-playing capacity the gents from WheyO decided it’s time to have a crack and enter a team for the upcoming Summer Series. Big things are expected from this new but experienced team with a few players having international social touch experience and a few having been inactive for several months -  the perfect balance.

We sat down with Lloyd Becker, decorated Natal schoolboy rugby sensation (15 years ago), current WheyO Warrior manager, coach, captain and playmaker. Although he is deep into his training regime and mental preparation we were able to catch up with him for a chat.

UR7s: So Lloyd, you been involved in a non-playing capacity so why enter now? Why have the WheyO Warriors decided to enter for the summer edition?

Lloyd: The allure of such a great series made entry into the summer edition a must, For the last 2 seasons WheyO has had a presence on the touchline. We always watched the games closely and have been keen to get involved. With the summer coming up we thought we couldn’t miss out and be onlookers again. We decided to put a robust team together, take on the CB Legends, and hopefully cement our own legendary status as the Beach Kings of Cape Town. 

UR7s: You got some size to you. Tell us how it feels like to take to the sand? 

Lloyd: Having previously filled in for a team for one week, gees, it’s a totally different and a lot more tiring than you think. Short sharp bursts on beach sand is quite draining, as much as it’s a great atmosphere down there it’s no joke in terms of physical demand during the games. Oxygen intake is increases tenfold. The standard is really good and seems to be getting better and better as each season passes

UR7s: Give us the low down on a few of your team members that are expected to be turning out for the Warriors? 

Lloyd: The core base are 3 of the directors of WheyO with one of them hopefully coming back towards the tail end of the series. We have been down there for a number of weeks waiting for the right time to jump in. Generally we have sporty, athletic, all-rounded guys across the board. Roped in a couple of mates who enjoy throwing a ball around and who are not afraid to have a beer or 2 afterwards.  No better way to spend a Thursday than on Camps Bay beach.

UR7s: A little more detail would be nice?

Lloyd: Well first up we’ve got Andrew Harrison, also originally from Durban. Normally you can find him at Kenilworth racecourse as he is big into the horse-racing scene but we are fortunate enough to have him in our stable for the series. Odds are he will be having a gallop or two down the touchline himself.

Next is Stew Langley, who started a touch team over in London for a number of years. I’ll claim that as international experience. We expecting massive things from his aptly timed comeback with his dodgy knees. An avid hiker, Stew always seems to have a full tank on him. He knows the game like no other and with his wealth of experience and we are relying on him to keep us on the right track throughout the series. 

The last reveal is Laine Alexander, a former PCH 6 down touch player a doctor (both equally important). He’s competed in a number of triathlons over the years in preparation for the Beach Series and undoubtedly has enough power in his quads to get him to where he’ll need to be come game time.  He’s a workhorse, has mean toe-drag side step and is not afraid of a dive. 

UR7s: Rumour has it that there’s going to be some off field festivities? Few beers here and there post game?

Lloyd: Being involved in club rugby for a number of years, the best part of it was and always will be the social aspect of rugby. The point of putting this team together is great for the fitness side of things but the main aspect is the social scene especially to have a few cold beers afterwards at Caprice. Definitely going to be having a little fines evening every Thursday night at Caprice to keep the guys on their toes.

UR7s: Lastly and on a more personal note, what are your aspirations in terms of performance?

Lloyd: I’m just looking to have a good time each week. It will be great to throw the ball around with some mates and enjoy it. As a new team we just hoping to put a decent game together and improve week by week. It’s a long series and one I’m really looking forward to.

 Thanks for the time Lloyd. We are looking forward to having you on the beach.