CB Legends double up on hunt for further glory on the sand

CB Legends double up.

The CB (Camps Bay) Legends, have been plying their trade on Camps Bay beach for many years. Frequenting the beach 3 times a week has been a common occurrence for many of their players for over 25 years. The most attended and intense social games are early every Saturday morning. If you not on your game, you’ll be caught out.

For these experienced beach touch players the Spring Edition of the Cipla Nutrition Beach Rugby Series was breeze. They were undefeated throughout and went on to win the overall title and claim their spot as the Beach Kings of Cape Town.

Due to the high interest and the amount of players that the CB Legends have they have entered 2 evenly match teams in the Summer League. When asked why they decided to double up Brent MacDougall, previous team captain and manger had this to say:

“Last season was so enjoyable that more guys wanted to get involved. We needed to put 2 teams in so that everyone can have a run around on a Thursday evening. It really is a good vibe and enjoy thing to do. So, the spilt has been done so that the teams are evenly matched – although one seems to be a little stronger than the other. What I will say is that it’s going to be an interesting game when both teams meet. These guys have played with and against each other for years. It’s going to be a cracking game”

Result from Week 1 showed that either CB Legends team is going to have it easy. The RPF CB Legends won their first game against the ITEC 7Stars but went down 3 – 6 against the Amazing Galaxy Warriors, both new teams to the beach. Whilst the Mynt Café CB Legends, lost to 2-1 to last seasons losing finalists the Husk All-Stars and then went on to punish the WheyO Warriors 4 tries to zip.

The question needs to be asked, have the CB Legends spread themselves thin or are these early season loses just nerves.