Warriors seal summer season title with dominant display on finals day

The favorites become the victors. The Amazing Galaxy Warriors stay unbeaten.

Going into Finals Day there was one clear favorite. After an unbeaten run in the weeks leading up to Saturdays big event and their impressive scoring abilities (72 tries for) with a solid defense (6 tries against) the Amazing Galaxy Warriors were the ones to beat.

The previous winners the RFP CB Legends along side the newly formed Mynt Café CB Legends were not just going to concede and simply give the AGW the title. The Mynt Café CB Legends placed about the RFP CB Legends in the log and there was an apparent need to define which team was the better.

This fixture came along in the 2nd Cup Semi Final, in a extremely competitive game which saw the RFP Africa CB Legends winning by 2 tries to nil. This not only cemented their place in the Cup Final but has given them bragging rights until the next Series.

The other Cup Semi saw the ITEC 7Stars take on the AGW which proved a game too far for the Stars who like AGW are new to the sand this season and have proven their worth and more on and off the playa.

ITEC undoubtedly had the toughest opposition in their first game as they took on the previous Finalist the Husk All-Stars which was poised to be best game of the Quarter Finals. It didn’t disappoint with a ding-dong battle of quick thinking, accurate passing and defensive prowess. Husk’s efforts waned towards the end and the ITEC 7Stars earned their spot in the Semi-Finals.

Meanwhile in the Bowl section of the competition, a different structure meant that 4 teams were battling it out for the top 2 spots after round robins. In a tightly, consider section there were just as many draws as there were wins. The WheyO Warriors and Inbetweeners ended up 1st and 2nd, after the SOB Barbarians their way and KPMG was consistent as can be drawing all 3 of their games.

Before the Bowl Winners could be crowned, the Plate section needed to be decided.  Both Caprice teams found themselves on the losing end their semi’s which the Husk All-Stars and Flying Fish bouncing back from their QF lose. This setup an interesting Plate 3rd/4th as well as a plate final were Flying Fish were looking to defend their title.

The business end of the day saw some fantastic touch being played. It was the most perfect conditions possible. Not a breathe of wind, sun shining and sand soft underfoot. All the finalists were ready to do battle in their respective section and were looking to win at all costs.

First up was the Bowl Final, between the WheyO Warriors and the Inbetweeners. It was the experienced Inbetweeners – they have played in all of the series’ so far – versus one of the series’ virgins the WheyO Warriors. The first try of the game was an intercept, which set the tone for the Inbetweeners dominance. It seemed like there time spent on the sand was the difference at the end of it all. WheyO pushed themselves to their physical limits with their taking a breather away from the action under the solace of any umbrella they could find. After 10 minutes of hard fought touch the Inbetweeners were victorious and won the Bowl Final.

Next up was the Plate Final, one in which the Husk All-Stars were hurting from not being able to better their previous seasons performance and one it which the Flying Fish new all too well. The game started of like a house on fire, both teams were bringing a seriously high tempo. It was only after the midway point of the game that the Husk All-Stars drew first blood, which was after an impressive late switch in the mids.  Trying as they may, Flying Fish simply could not penetrate the Husk All-Stars fired up defense. The game ended in a 3 nil victory to the Husk All-Stars as they secured the Plate.

The last game of the day and most anticipated game of the series saw the flawless AGW go up against a determined RPF Africa CB Legends. This game was set to be the best one yet. Being a a Cup Final, there was 14 mins of play as opposed to 10 – what this meant was more time for tries. This game did not disappoint the crowd at all. AGW took an early lead with some slick skills and pace on the ball from Ismail Slamang. The first half of play was thrilling with some of the best touch ever seen on Camps Bay beach. The 2 teams were throwing everything at each other. Things started going the way of the AGW’s and after it all was said and done, the AGW ended up becoming the BEACH KINGS OF CAPE TOWN by defeating their opponents 6 – 2.

The Summer Edition of the Beach Rugby Series was something special. We saw 3 new champions crowned; grow into a 14 team league and impressive touch being played by all.

In every tournament there are outstanding players, players who are the difference between winning and losing and player who are a pleasure to watch on the field. After the consistency on the pitch and a great showing in the finals the following players made the Cipla Nutrition Team of the Series.


Ismail Slamang – Amazing Galaxy Warriors

Brent McDougall – RPF Africa CB Legends

Sterre Joostenberg – ITEC 7STARS

Nick Aitken - RPF Africa CB Legends

Ramiz Osman - Amazing Galaxy Warriors


The Cipla Nutrition MVP of the Series - Ismail Slamang (Amazing Galaxy Warriors)

The Cipla Nutrition Impact Player of the Series – Nick Aitken (RPF Africa CB Legends)


Overall Standings:

1.     Amazing Galaxy Warriors

2.     RPF Africa CB Legends

3.     ITEC 7Stars

4.     Mynt Café CB Legends

5.     Husk All-Stars

6.     Flying Fish

7.     Caprice Staff

8.     Caprice Cobras

9.     Inbetweeners

10. WheyO Warriors

11. KPMG

12. SOB Barbarians