UR7s Wanderers back to Dubai

Following victory in the Dubai International Open in 2015, the UR7s Wanderers are heading back to Dubai to defend their crown and once again quest for the ultimate tour.

Team Director, Tom Burwell said "winning is the icing, the tour is very much the cake and the cake is the important bit. The Wanderers are first and foremost a touring club with an international membership of some of the best (& worst) tourists and rugby 7s players in the world. Dubai is our spiritual home"

"We can't wait to get back and give it another crack. Some of the boys are returning from last year but we will see some new faces alongside some new adventures"

The Dubai 7s is the crown jewel for the Wanderers touring season traditionally but they will also be heading to Argentina in January 2017, something that Mat Turner is excited about

Turner said "Can't wait, Argentina is going to be unbelievable. The Wanderers in South America will be very special"

The Wanderers will be wearing PUMA this year and are supported by CIPLA Nutrition.