Beach Rugby Series set for an epic new season

When the Beach Rugby Series (BRS) was first started the single most important aspect was having fun. UR7s South Africa vision has always been to create new innovative tournaments, leagues and events across a number of sports where players and spectators get the best possible experience.

Each team and player has different reasons for being down on the beach. For the most part, it is simply about being able to have a run around on Camps Bay beach after a long workweek.

The corporate teams involved have done well to shake of the hours behind the desk and put in a big effort on the sand. Most of them end up in the top half of the pile after finals day. Creating an exciting and enjoyable environment has allowed for team building which has included many opportunities to make new business connections on the sand and in the bar.

For the public teams that enter, it’s about spending sometime with mates, throwing the oval ball around on the sand and soaking up the vibe of the beach and the ocean. We have had some great teams enter of the past couple of series’ and as it stands a new crop will be coming in to challenge for the title this March.

Players from around the Western Cape have made there way down to the beach each Thursday evening to test out their abilities on the grains.

The beauty about the beach is that it is a leveler. Everyone is the same pace, except for a few rather light and highly explosive players. Unlike grass or any other surface, speed doesn’t really count and out-and-out accelerate doesn’t play too much of a factor either. What you are left with is your skills, tactics, fitness and experience. When those are all coupled together and used wisely then a winning formula is found.

So whether you are someone who has a strict weekly workout regime, someone who enjoys a bit of a run around, occasionally, wherever you can get some fitness in or you have a love of all sports and touch then this series is suited to you. It is has been created for everyone and anyone.

Because experience counts on the beach, for the first time ever the BRS will now be split into 2 divisions based on previous performances. This allows for the “top” social athletes to battle it our week-in and week-out while the rest of the teams get a fair chance to get to grips with the sand. The top division will be hosting 2 of the previous winners as well as others teams who battled for top honours in the previous series’. 

With all the teams that have already entered the Late-Summer Edition of the BRS, this series is shaping up to be very special. More teams, more players, more sponsors and much more of a vibe. See you on the Sand!

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