Seven reasons why you should be playing UR7aside non-contact rugby 7s in Cape Town this autumn

UR7aside kicks off in South Africa next month and in the UK in June. Former World Series player of the year nominee looks at why you should be playing in one of the leagues around the world

With the summer drawing to an “end” and water levels low in the dams here in Cape Town one thing that is not anywhere near ending or low is the excitement for UR7a-side to start.

Latest news from the world of UR7s.

If you have been keeping update with the articles on you would have noticed that a league of UR7a-side is also due to kick off in the UK soon with other expansions waiting to be announced and finalized.

A few questions have been asked about the concept about the whats and why’s and why we at UR7s feel its a great concept and why we feel there is a market for it.

Here are 7 reasons why:

  • Rugby 7s is a new olympic sport, UR7a-side is the closest form of the game without contact
  • Run as a league with a big finals day, where like minded people can come together network as well as people from different areas
  • Great for your fitness but don't be fooled it will test your lungs to the max
  • A great sport to vent the inner competitive nature
  • A fresh new form of rugby to help reinvigorate the game of Rugby as a whole
  • Its a game for all ages
  • Its a great reason to blow the dust off your boots and bring back the old flair that you have been depriving the spectators from.

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As a whole UR7a-side is designed for the player who works 9-5 loves the game of Rugby but cant commit to the hours of playing Club, but wants to get their fix for the week, but to also not have to wake up the next day with sore shoulders and neck from having to tackle that 125kg prop who always seems to run straight at you.

This being said because of the tempo of the game and variety of skills required it is certainly not limited to rugby players as like the contact form of the game, there are plenty of cross over athletes that now ply their trade at the pinnacle of the sport for example Nate Ebner whose has just recently become a 2 time super bowl winner and because of Rugby 7s an Olympian.

Could this be the start of your path…