From official of the sand to a star on the grass with UR7aside, meet Rowdy Rademeyer

Michael “Rowdy” Rademeyer has been a permanent fixture on the beach for the past couple of beach rugby series’ (BRS). Although most of his time spent has been on the sideline making sure the players are playing fair, he has always had an itch to play.

From having the opportunity to have a once-off run around with a Barbarians team last season to passing the ball on the sideline pre tap-off, he’s always wanted to get involved. With the introduction of the new and innovative UR7a-side he’s taken his chance and has entered a team into the Cape Town series.

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Our very own Stu Black, BRS tournament director, sat down with Rowdy to ask him some questions about the upcoming series.

Stu: So Rowdy, having a good understanding of the BRS what do you think of our new take on rugby 7s with the UR7a-side concept?

Rowdy: “I thinks it’s a fantastic idea and a series that people have been unknowingly and patiently waiting for UR7s to start. It’s a great opportunity for people who have retired from competitive sport and who still want to keep the fitness levels up. Being able to play full pitch was one of the main factors for me putting a team together!”

Stu: How much of an impact does fitness levels have in the 7s game?

Rowdy: “Fitness in any sport is key but 7s takes it to another level. Even with this series being just touch rugby I can just already foresee that it will be grueling out there when it comes to the dying moments of a game. Full field is no joke. Some of the team are doing the 2 Oceans Marathon this year so it will be some much needed exercise.”

Stu: What sort of style of play do you think your team will adopt come game day?

Rowdy: “We will probably keep it tight as we don’t have an outright “gas man”. We will rather stick to what we know and beat them with skill in the middle of the park. You know, like running those lines.”

Stu: What do you think your team’s chances are having no idea of the opposition?

Rowdy: “Most of the guys play regularly together and we understand what each one is capable of but we have never played in a series before. I would say we are dark horses and should not be under estimated. The Zamaleks – our team name - is full of game breakers with ex 1st team players, natural sportsman and even a SA tag rugby player.”

Stu: Thanks for sitting down with us, really appreciate your time and we are looking forward to having you involved in the series.

Rowdy: “Yes, I am really excited and so is my team. See you on the field for some audacious passes and savage lines!” The UR7a-side is kicking off on 6th & 8th in Cape and Stellenbosch respectvely. For more information visit or email or

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