UR7a-side - A look at the basic rules and tactics that come into play in new craze across the Western Cape

The UR7a-side Series is fast approaching, today it's time to look at some of the rules of the game, the fitness element and tactics that teams should look at attempting to execute


  • Four touches
  • Attacking touched player goes to floor (long and thin)
  • Defensive player also goes down, laying flat on this front
  1. Knock on/Forward pass is a turn over and the game is reset by the means of an uncontested scrum

  2. Inside the oppositions half the defensive team must have a sweeper

  3. Kicking is allowed

With the excitement building towards the start of this great new concept which aims to give players the chance to play 7s all year round alongside the XVs season.

As we all know the game of Rugby 7s is extremely testing on the body in the fitness department and that wont be any different to UR7a-side, UR7s' believe that pushing yourself is not only great for your body but also you mind, so why not do it with a bunch of friends and create those little memories together with the added bonus of a beer or two in the club house after each evening, as UR7s CEO Tom always says “You have to earn your beers”

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Fitness will surely play big part in the outcome of games, but to an extent that can negated by some clever tactics and styles of play. This is were the real thinkers of the game will come to play, similar to play makers in the game of 7s, controlling the tempo, knowing when to slow down the game and when to speed it up. Your play maker will quickly become your favourite person on the field or climb right to the top of your most wanted list.

The UR7s SA coaches will be helping out players to notice the basics in defence and attack to help them make better decisions and ultimately improve as a player.

Be it watching the defensive players shoulders and hips when attacking to flipping that on its head to teach the players to watch attacking players hips and not to fall for the end head wag step.

See details below:

Two different regional series will running simultaneously one being based out in Stellenbosch and the other based in Cape Town Area, with Cape Town starting on the March 6th and Stellenbosch starting the 8th of March. With a big finals day being played on the 8th of April.

Sign up here - www.ur7aside.co.za