Become a UR7s Nomad on the grass or the sand in Cape Town in 2017

Are you a keen rugby player, touch rugby player or social athlete? Are you not involved in the UR7s Beach Rugby Series or the UR7a-side League?

If you answered yes to both questions above then you seriously need to look into playing for a Nomads side in either of these Series’. If you’re already entered then the only thing you have to worry about is coming up against them on the grass or sand. The Nomads side holds something for all. There are a handful of reasons you should get involved with this side.

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It provides a chance to get involved in the Global UR7s ‘fraternity’. UR7s operates worldwide, spreading the game of sevens rugby and making it relevant and accessible to people wherever they go. Being a part of this community allows you to know what tournaments are coming up, get involved in unique events and take advantage of the new and exciting experiences.

Secondly, the Nomads side is a first ever. This means that you could be involved in the making of history through this side; a debut season victory could well be on the cards. It is an exciting opportunity and not one that crops up often.

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For the sportspeople seeking to test themselves, joining the Nomads will also put you in a position where you are facing some of the best touch rugby and rugby players from around Cape Town. If testing yourself against the best, facing up to a challenge and expanding your skills is something you enjoy, then it is vital that you get involved.

If you are simply looking to stay in shape or just enjoy playing sport under the summer sun, you will not be out of place in the Nomads side. Sport, at its roots, is all about enjoyment after all.

On top of this all, both Series’ are taking place in some of the most picturesque places in Cape Town. Camps Bay beach with its sunbaked sands, cool waters and magnificent mountain backdrop is host to the Beach Rugby Series and provides a scenic setting for some exhilarating sport. Its location near to so many wonderful restaurants and bars also doesn’t go amiss.

The UR7a-side League has a similarly iconic settings, being played out at Jan Van Riebeeck High School & Green Point fields. The fields catch the setting sun every evening and being just out of Table Mountain and Green Point Stadium’s shadow doesn’t detract from the views. All of these locations provide an amazing atmosphere, one that is not to be missed, just don’t get caught sunset watching and let through a few quick tries.

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The veritable cherry on top of all these benefits is the friendships and networks that can grow out of an experience such as this. Sport is one of the best platforms for putting yourself out there and getting to know a variety of people, friends and connections alike. Even if you are just in it for the camaraderie of a team sport, both Series’ have what you are looking for. The specific opportunity that the Nomads team provides is a way to grow friendships both on the field and off, or perhaps in the bar afterwards.

With so much to gain from becoming a Nomad, it doesn’t make sense not to. Unfortunately there are very limited spots available in each team. So you better move fast. Join the Nomads today!

Email to become a Nomad and be entered into UR7s SA history!