With Late-Summer season around the corner, we look at how to be the best on the beach

As the beach touch series has become more ingrained into Cape Town sporting cultures, so to have the tactics and strategies that teams adopt. Today we take a look at how best to dominate.

"What will matter is how much time you have spent playing on the beach, so do you have beach legs, how skilful are the individuals in the team and out-and-out engines"

Stu Black

For some teams it is always a show up, attempt to put on a show and see if the cohesion is there. For other teams, they spend just as much time strategising as they do playing.

This has been a common trend with all of the top teams that find their way right at the top when the series is over.

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The beach is unforgiving, soft sand is your friend & your enemy, the perfectly sized pitch makes for a very hardy time on the beach. The way you navigate all of these factors is ultimately what dictates your success. As we well know success is not always based on the outcome but rather the enjoyment of the game.

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There is not a lot better than playing touch on one of South Africa’s most iconic beaches with the sun slowly setting. With the sand being like it is, it’s always best to strategise how best your team will fair and what type of game you’ll be playing. A little discussion before the game goes a long way on it.

Attack the Ruck!!

If your team is used to the sand and you have played before, a faster game is usually adopted which puts the defensive team under pressure. Aligning and getting back the necessary yards is not easy on the beach.

The quicker you attack, especially the “ruck” area, the more likely you are to find the defenders out of position. This leads to space available out wide. This type of strategy is best played when everyone is fit and the rolling subs are efficient.

The little engine that can!!

The next strategy is one where you slowly make your way up the field and turn it into a possession and momentum game. Taking your time to make your way up the field, being cautious with how your energies are spent and making use of quick ball movement. Rather than trying your best to score with every available touch, you grind out the yards and slowly work your way to the opposition try line. This not only frustrates the opposition, but will also slowly tire them out. No teams like going backwards for most of the game.

With 2 simple strategies discussed, what really matters on the beach?

If you were to think about the key factors that consistently affect the outcome there would be three. UR7s SA chatted to one of the regular stars on the sand about his thoughts on what separates teams on the beach:

“If you are talking about the main factors needed for a team to be successful there are only a handful. Most teams will automatically be similar in fitness, speed and understanding. This is the nature of the soft sand. What will matter is how much time you have spent playing on the beach, so do you have “beach legs”, how skilful are the individuals in the team and out-and-out engines"

"Experience matters the most, knowing how best to attack defenders, when to use the energy and when to conserve it and when is it best to vary the attacking speed. For skills, you need to be able to move the ball and subsequently the man around on the beach, so defined skills - especially passing is important. Then the team needs grit, it’s not easy playing on the beach and often you are going to be out on your feet, you will have to be diving around eating a mouthful of sand every now and again"

"Those 3 factors combined, mixed with all the other ones needed for touch will result in a good team performance.”

It is not long to go before the BRS taps off with an late-summer season that is going to be the most exciting one yet with new partners, playas, sponsors and most dramatic build out we have seen yet!

See you on the beach!

For more information go to www.BeachRugbySouthAfrica.com or email stu.black@ur7s.com