Development of rugby sevens front and centre for UR7s SA Schools Invitational

Development of schoolboy sevens is front and centre.

At the heart of any UR7s' tournament lies the development of the sport and the players which take part. This will be no different for the upcoming Nashua UR7s Schools Invitational that will be taking part at the iconic Hamiltons Rugby Club come the 2nd September.

With the understanding that there is major talent that lies amongst the current groups of schoolboys, as well as those players who aren’t not always in the spotlight, UR7s South Africa had made the decision to put initiatives in place to take development to the next level. With a decade and more of specializing in Sevens, and Sevens coaching each team in the tournament will get a chance to learn from an experienced coach or current international player.

There will be a Nashua Development Initiative that will be taking place in the lead up to the tournament, where world class coaching will be taking the future generations through the basics as well as the nuances of the game of Sevens. Although it is a game that looks easy on the big screen, it is one that needs a lot of understanding and on-field communication. The aim will be to create an environment where children and express themselves with their skills, flair and speed while giving them a platform to fall in love with the game.

Three rugby academies are taking part in the tournament which bodes well for youngster who will be pursuing rugby as a future career.

 The Vusa Sports Academy

An academy which is a Bishops Initiative where their focus is to find the next great rugby player through training, education, clinics and sports involvement.

“We want to give them an opportunity to showcase their rugby talent, there's no better way than the opportunity given us through the Nashua UR7s event. It is important to get the boys playing as much as they can, especially Sevens.” - Makabongwe Kahla, Academy Coach

The Connect Academy

A high performance academy which is promoting professionalism in sports, where rugby is their current focus. Their athletes are supported holistically to meet their target of producing professional sportsmen and women by providing access to quality resources and opportunities.

"Connect's high performance athletes are spread out throughout the season playing provincial, school and club rugby. The UR7s Tournament is a perfect opportunity for the young people we work with to come together to showcase their ability and the ethos of our academy." - Yanga Qinga

The Atlantic Academy

Formed in 2010 as an Isometric Training Academy which after numerous requests changed to an Isometric and Rugby Academy, ARA is one of the long standing development initiatives in the heart of heart of the city bowl.

“Players are drawn from the Atlantic Seaboard, Nyanga, Ysterplaat, Brooklyn, and Kensington areas, and we have a player complement of more than 200 players, almost equally divided into the three main RSA racial demographic groups. We be looking forward to exposing the younger boys to the sport of Sevens in a wonderful tournament” - Campbell McGraw, Founder

All 3 academies will be getting coaching before, during and after the tournament as part of the development strategy put in place for the tournament.

The sport of Sevens is about excitement, growth and improvement. UR7s South Africa will be doing all they can to make sure that the tournament in memorable one for all the players involved as well as all the spectators.

See you on the sideline.