Fleck and Jeftha take opening night awards as Beach Rugby Series Dream Team

In a night of stunning touch rugby action from the young and the old, it was the experience of Robbie Fleck and the lightning feet of Raph Jeftha that saw them take away the awards for the opening evening of play.

Raph Jeftha (Inbetweeners) was named the overall CIPLA Nutrition MVP for the evening as he showed that he has certainly not missed a step in the off-season blazing through the sand and living up to his monika as the 'fastest man in sand'. The Inbetweeners ran out easy 4.1 winners in their opening night fixture.

In perhaps not the biggest stadium he has ever played in, Robbie Fleck showed that he still has the touch of international rugby player with deft hands and great vision running out for the Switch Players. He helped the side to the top of the table with a win and a draw in winning the 'Switch Impact Player of the Week'

They were joined by Tye Wills, Nazeem Apells and Brent McDougall in making up the first CIPLA Nutrition Dream Team of the season.

The Series continues on Camps Bay next Thursday evening from 5.30pm

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